I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living and working in the Boston area. Currently I'm busy creating the design company, dobot and working on a comic book.



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In preparation for the upcoming Heroes Con, I made this pin-up-esque/comic cover piece. I had asked around for various suggestions of characters people would like to see me tackle, and I really loved the idea of Batwoman since I’ve been a huge fan of the recent series and of J.H.Williams III’s art, which is just amazing. However, my take is more of the Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke style of character, who is a bit more abstracted. I’ve decided to include the black and white version as well since I used it to check my values throughout the process, and really fell in love with the more noire-like tone it presented. That being said, enjoy and I hope to see you at Heroes Con this upcoming June!


Yesterday, I did this rendition of Catwoman while I was recuperating from sickness.  I wanted to represent her as a strong, powerful and sultry, much like the Adam Hughes’ character design. In this version though she has longer hair and has been more abstracted with my style. Today I hope to color this piece, which I will post here on tumblr as soon as it’s done. I will be selling the original inking of this illustration. Also, once the colored piece is finished, I will be turning it into prints that I will both sell online and at the upcoming BostonComicCon and HeroesCon. If interested in a copy, please email me at loganfaerber@gmail.com or message me directly here on tumblr. I hope you like it!


A few months ago I was contacted by a woman named Gina who was organizing an art gallery that was to represent the newest Say Anything album. She had previously interviewed the band’s lead singer and songwriter, Max Bemis, who inspired her to create the show in the first place. The concept was a unique one; to reach out to several artists, asking each of them to create one piece. Each artist was given a song title from the album to work from. It could either be a literal interpretation or an inspired piece. I was given “Hate Everyone”, the second song on the album. At first I developed several concepts that revolved around the idea of children being picked on by their peers, but in time I ultimately rein-visioned the concept as an older girl, still tormented by life and reflecting (no pun intended) her inner most thoughts while adorning herself with make-up for a job she despises. And in some weird way, I feel it matches the song perfectly.

More info here…   http://vesselcollective.com/projects/

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