I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living and working in the Boston area. Currently I'm busy creating the design company, dobot and working on a comic book.



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If I wasn’t already pumped for a new Evil Dead movie to come out, particularly one that doesn’t suck, imagine how extra pumped I was to have been asked to design an Evil Dead tribute poster during the same opening week. Ash/Bruce Campbell is quite an interesting fellow to draw, and I would happily draw him again. Hopefully someone out there wants a sweet Brisco County Jr. poster next :)

You can get prints of this bad boy here: http://www.strangekidsclub.com/2013/05/03/hail-to-the-king-baby-our-evil-dead-2-print-is-now-on-sale/

I was asked to do a screen-print poster design for the new Tomb Raider game, which was particularly exciting to tackle since I’d been looking forward to this release over the past year or so. I decided to highlight the landscape and the island rather than a specific character since it’s hazards are a character themselves and help to define Lara this time around.

You can see all 17 designs of the great posters by an amazing roster of illustrators here:



I’ve also attached the preliminary composition and value study I did.


I did this Margot (& Richie) Tenenbaum illustration for an upcoming “pop-culture romances” Valentine’s Day gallery show in New York at the Bottleneck Gallery. It was either this or The White Stripes; ether way I was for whatever reason interested in the brother/sister relationships. I’m happy that they went with The Royal Tenenbaums though. Finally got to tackle doing some art in tribute to one of my all-time favorite movies.

This is the second of two pieces I did for “The End” themed show at the Pony Club Gallery in Portland, OR - http://www.ponyclubpdx.com/. The show will be in December, but you can get a copy of the print now until whenever -  http://society6.com/aerodynamicmountains/The-End-Part-2-LD2_Print

Save $5 off each print you order from my store, now through Nov 11th! Just use this link -

Earlier this month I designed a Mass Effect themed screen-print poster for Bioware. I wasn’t allowed to reveal any details until… now! After several concepts for poster ideas, they decided to go with a simple portrait of the character Garrus, who just so happens to be my favorite character from the series. They will be printing a limited batch, which will all be hand signed by me personally.

To preorder your copy today, please just go to Bioware’s shop: http://biowarestore.com/art/screenprints/garrus-screenprint-poster.html

Another poster design that I did for fun in order to promote my and Steve Trevathan’s company, Dobot. I wanted to use a well known vintage property that is universally loved in order to create something with my modern illustration style, and what better than the classic movie, “King Kong”. This also arose the possibility of adding info-graphic like biplanes to the scene that could also lend to inform the viewer a little bit about the company itself. The colors I chose our slightly skewed versions of my typically palette. I wanted to keep them muted and more on the yellow tinted side of the spectrum, which I think lends well to the classic subject matter and feel that I love so much. Hope you enjoy!



While starting our company, Dobot, my partner and I wanted to make a few print designs that we could use to help promote our style and sell on our online store. This piece was my redesigned movie poster for the classic film, “Planet of the Apes”. I wanted to make a relatively minimal composition and palette, while meshing a classic yet modern feel.


This week’s Brand New Nostalgia theme was the classic director John Carpenter. I was torn whether to tackle The Thing, Big Trouble in Little China, or the cult classic Escape From New York (all of which star Kurt Russell). After a long debate, I decided that the most renowned character and the one that peeked my curiosity most is the overly bad-ass yet horribly cliche, Snake Pliskin. I had another variation of this concept that had a daylight setting where Snake was the central focus, resting on a pile of rubble in the New York streets, similar to my Prometheus piece. I may still do this just for my own sake so that I can have both versions available for comparison. Let me know what you think of that idea or if you’d be interested in seeing it. Thanks! -L


As some of you may know, I’ve been involved with the group “Brand New Nostalgia”, which is run by my great friend Andrew MacLean. Every week there is a new theme for us to tackle and make a new piece of art inspired from, but recently I’ve been super busy working on the comic “Re-Pro-Duct” that I’m making with the very talented Austin Wilson. I just finished issue 2, which opened up the opportunity for me to finally produce a piece for BNN, but since I am so late, I decided to combine two of the weeks’ themes I missed previously. In this case it was boxing and mustache. This piece was also created for a design competition I’ll be entering for June. I hope you enjoy the insanity of the age old battle of Folk vs. Metal.



I’m part of an art collective that does themed illustrations, and this past week’s theme was “Vikings” (as selected by me). I initially wanted to show a battle or a duel between two warriors, but ultimately I decided to go with a quieter scene where we find a lone Viking committing suicide having just been seduced/tricked by a Siren. I also wanted to find a comfortable middle ground for her design that made her appear sexual, beautiful and creepy all at once, while retain a calm visage. I will be selling this as a print on Society 6 ( http://society6.com/aerodynamicmountains/Viking-eiK_Print ) as well as at my upcoming comic conventions, starting with the BostonComicCon. Enjoy! -L

As promised, here is the final illustration for the “Milkbread” poster. They will be selling copies of this print at their upcoming shows, where I’m sure they’d be more than happy to sign it. If you like jazz, please check them out here, http://milkbreadmusic.com/

You can also get a print of this piece from my online store; http://society6.com/aerodynamicmountains/Milkbread-band-poster_Print

Hope you like it!


Currently working on a piece inspired by the upcoming movie “Prometheus” by the great Ridley Scott. I will be selling the original inking; please contact me at loganfaerber@gmail.com for details. I will also be selling finished colored prints once it’s completed. The prints will be available online either directly from me or from my society 6 shop. They will also be available at the upcoming BostonComicCon and HeroesCon, both of which I will be attending. Hope you enjoy!

Here is the final colored version of Catwoman. As said, I will be selling this image as a print at the many upcoming conventions (BostonCon and HeroesCon) but will also be selling them online. If interested, please contact me at loganfaerber@gmail.com or message me here on tumblr. The print can be to whatever size you’d like. Hope you like it!

Prints can be found here…


Early next year I will be in a gallery show based on the theme of The Wizard of Oz. At first I was tempted to draw flying monkeys, but in the end, who isn’t. Even James Jean drew flying monkeys for Fables a few years ago. Instead, I decided to design a character not yet depicted aside from interior illustrations within the original books; The Wicked Witch of the East. While we all know the story, appearance and conclusion to The Wicked Witch of the West (I should know, my mom was her for Halloween one year), we aren’t as familiar with the story and appearance of the East’s, besides she wore striped socks, oddly bright shoes and was found dead below Dorothy’s house. And what was it even, that distracted her long enough to allow for an entire house to crush her?

For this piece, I decided to answer a few questions of my own and raise a few new ones. I for one assume she was leaning down for some loose change because she was most likely greedy and attracted to small shiny objects (aren’t we all?). Also, I thought since she was the sister of The Wicked Witch of the West, she too would have green skin, if not a bit lighter. And maybe instead of a broom she just had a staff with a bell on it. Certainly her cloak is much more billowy and less dry cleaned, but who’s to say? These are just my thoughts.

The gallery will be from Feb. 8th - 17th / Reception is Feb. 15th :

301 Gallery Building  (301 Cabot Street)

Beverly, MA 01915

Postcard I made for the holidays this season. It’s a design based on the concept of Christmas Squid; a character design I made years ago when I was first in college. I imagine the story to be very similar to Nightmare Before Christmas where the squid sees imagery of Santa and begins to replicate his actions as best he can, which involves raising the sea level and delivering garbage from the bottom of the ocean.

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