I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living and working in the Boston area. Currently I'm busy creating the design company, dobot and working on a comic book.



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I am contributing two original pieces for a gallery show coming up in December that is entirely devoted to the concept of “The End”. We were welcome to do anything revolving around the concept, including the positive aspects, such as the end of war, the end of a bad relationship, or the end of a journey. But of course, as things go, I decided to once again go the darker route and chose to show an anguished end - a girl whose decided to commit suicide on her wedding night. I thought the idea behind despair is always more interesting and illusive than a joyful conclusion, which usually has a very clear message. This image allows for reflection on ones self. I didn’t necessarily want to go the end of the world route, since that is so overdone at this point, thought in a literal sense, this kind of outcome is technically “The End” since it ultimately eliminated her life, which is the only world she knows. And ultimately, the end of the world comes with ones own death.¬†


PS: I included the black and white line drawing as well since I thought it was interesting and would give an insight to my stages when working.

An Adventure Time piece I made for an upcoming gallery show in Chicago, IL. http://www.ohnodoom.com/

Prints available here:


Since Prometheus will be landing tomorrow, I thought I might re-post my Prometheus piece I did a while back when the trailer was first announced. And yes, I’m excited.


In preparation for the upcoming Heroes Con, I made this pin-up-esque/comic cover piece. I had asked around for various suggestions of characters people would like to see me tackle, and I really loved the idea of Batwoman since I’ve been a huge fan of the recent series and of J.H.Williams III’s art, which is just amazing. However, my take is more of the Bruce Timm and Darwyn Cooke style of character, who is a bit more abstracted. I’ve decided to include the black and white version as well since I used it to check my values throughout the process, and really fell in love with the more noire-like tone it presented. That being said, enjoy and I hope to see you at Heroes Con this upcoming June!


My friend, Steven Trevathan, and I have begun a design partnership/company called “dobot”. We are looking to design for companies that are looking to do good in the world that is based around progression and morality. The site will soon be launching, but in the meantime I’ve been developing some designs and promotional work for dobot, such as these robotic fruits, which I hope to use on t-shirts, buttons, stickers, etc. We will also be using the site as a platform to use our illustrative and design skills for storytelling, beginning with the tale of dobot (a giant robot from space). Stay tuned! We are both very excited for this project.


I’m currently wrapping up a project that I’ve been working on with Erik Craddock. The story is a 15 page comic that will appear in an upcoming anthology being printed and distributed by Ape Entertainment about the seven deadly sins; our story is “Envy”. It won’t be released until later this year, but for now I will leave you with this preview of the first “title” page. I’m yet to include dialogue, so it’s up to you to create it for now. Stay tuned for more soon! I’m also working on two other comics as well and I’ll have updates on those titles soon as well. -L

A 9x12 acrylic painting of George Takei from Star Trek that I created for the website GeeksOUT’s “Takei Back the Night” fundraising event. I really love getting the chance to work with traditional mediums when I can, now that so much of it is done digitally. -L

The final two illustrations I created for a start-up company’s website. The first image is of an auto-repair shop and will be used for the second page that people will land on when they visit the site. The second image is a more abstract mountain scene that will reside at the base of a third page that depicts a four step process for how to use the site.

For the last week or so I’ve been working on some designs for a website. They are Boston based start-up company that deals with finding and comparing auto-repair shops’ pricing and availability. This illustration was for the homepage. The first one I did on the left was a bit too “my style” and didn’t quite fit the feel we were going for on the site. The second one was the revamped version that was a bit more architectural and sleek, which better fir the style we were aiming for. Each one stays true to and represents the overall palette of the page.


Another image from the book, “Mr. Ami’s Postal Service”; a children’s book I’m creating. This scene is early on in the story and depicts the very first package being sent at the early morning sunrise. It also gives the reader a broader view of the environment in which Mr. Ami works and lives. There are going to be a huge variety of environments and scenes to come so that the book keeps readers engrossed with the various colors and birds. Keep tuned!


As promised, here is the final illustration for the “Milkbread” poster. They will be selling copies of this print at their upcoming shows, where I’m sure they’d be more than happy to sign it. If you like jazz, please check them out here, http://milkbreadmusic.com/

You can also get a print of this piece from my online store; http://society6.com/aerodynamicmountains/Milkbread-band-poster_Print

Hope you like it!


I recently joined the collective group called Brand New Nostalgia, which was created by my good friend Andrew McLean (we’ll be sharing a booth at the BostonComicCon and are both part of Out Of Step Artists). Every week we will be selecting a specific theme to inspire each of to create an illustration. This week was the amazing Miami Vice. Check it out here! http://brandnewnostalgia.tumblr.com/



Here is the final colored version of Catwoman. As said, I will be selling this image as a print at the many upcoming conventions (BostonCon and HeroesCon) but will also be selling them online. If interested, please contact me at loganfaerber@gmail.com or message me here on tumblr. The print can be to whatever size you’d like. Hope you like it!

Prints can be found here…


I’ve been doing a lot of music related art these past couple of months apparently because here is yet another band’s album art. They’re name is Choose to Find and they’re a Boston based band who are slated to release their new studio album in 2012. They¬† sound like a mixture of Explosions in the Sky with a side of Mogwai; lots of build up and powerful sounds that are almost always driven by an eruption of emotion. This concept for the cover was developed from the spiritual feel that Choose to Find engrosses me with and that I have embodied as a tree spirit like creature who brings beauty (the music in this case) to the world during the depths of winter. His design was loosely based on the Creatures in Hayao Miyazaki films. There will also be typography added later on once the album’s release draws closer.



Recently I was commissioned to do a Spiderman piece, which I decided to paint in acrylics for a change of pace from my traditional ink and digital medium. It was a nice break that allowed me to experiment more with textures and mediums; it’s a 20” x 30” illustration board. The concept was to create a poster like design that also reflects the aesthetics of a two page comics spread. But I also wanted to create a more abstract representation of the Venom conflict, which I feel is much more intimidating. I’m pretty excited to get back into acrylics painting now.

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