I'm a freelance illustrator and graphic designer living and working in the Boston area. Currently I'm busy creating the design company, dobot and working on a comic book.



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As some of you may know, I’ve been involved with the group “Brand New Nostalgia”, which is run by my great friend Andrew MacLean. Every week there is a new theme for us to tackle and make a new piece of art inspired from, but recently I’ve been super busy working on the comic “Re-Pro-Duct” that I’m making with the very talented Austin Wilson. I just finished issue 2, which opened up the opportunity for me to finally produce a piece for BNN, but since I am so late, I decided to combine two of the weeks’ themes I missed previously. In this case it was boxing and mustache. This piece was also created for a design competition I’ll be entering for June. I hope you enjoy the insanity of the age old battle of Folk vs. Metal.



So, not that this is a finished piece by any means (but it is for an undisclosed project I’m working on), I thought it was pretty funny on its own, so I decided to do a quick post today. This is actually one layer of three in the final piece, but for now, enjoy this awkward segment.


Here’s a preview of a single page spread from issue 2 of “Re-pro-duct”. The second issue is fully written and is almost completely inked, so it won’t be long before you can get your hands on both of the first issues. Each comic is 24pgs, so there’s a lot to see, meet and enjoy! Check them out! Thanks everyone!

Once again you can download our first issue for FREE from the 215Ink App found for the iPad in the iTunes store! ( http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/215-ink/id449585609?mt=8 ) The printed edition of the first issue will be available soon and I will be selling and signing copies at the upcoming Heroes Con in North Carolina!

Hey everyone!

Here is a preview of the first 8 pages of my upcoming comic “Re-pro-duct”, written by my friend Austin Wilson and published by wonderful people at 215Ink! It’s going to run as a 6 issue mini-series, and you can download our first issue for FREE from the 215Ink App found for the iPad in the iTunes store! ( http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/215-ink/id449585609?mt=8 ) The printed edition of the first issue will be available soon and I will be selling and signing copies at the upcoming Heroes Con in North Carolina! So, please show your support by downloading the first issue and letting us know what you think! And if you really love it, please let us know and we will be sure to get you a copy as soon as we can, or get one from me in person at NC, signed! I hope you enjoy it! Also, if you’d like to keep posted on my recent pages for issue two, I will be tweeting updates as it comes along @LoganFaerber on Twitter.

Secondly, I apologize for my lack of recent posting, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working hard. Over the past month or so I’ve been developing three comics, an e-book, a painting, and working on my start-up design company, “Dobot” (pronounced do-bot). There will be much more to come very soon regarding all of these projects.

You can see more of our publisher’s fantastic line-up at www.215ink.com

Thanks again for all your love and support! Keep creating!


Here is the first page of a 12pg comic that I’m working on for another anthology. This one deals with the theme of “Metal”, and the story that I and Austin Wilson, aka “Hideous Energy”, are working on is titled “Six Barrel Shotgun”. The story opens with a large one page spread of the heroine named “Crater”. Tune in to find out more in the coming weeks! It’s going to be brutal. -L

I’m currently wrapping up a project that I’ve been working on with Erik Craddock. The story is a 15 page comic that will appear in an upcoming anthology being printed and distributed by Ape Entertainment about the seven deadly sins; our story is “Envy”. It won’t be released until later this year, but for now I will leave you with this preview of the first “title” page. I’m yet to include dialogue, so it’s up to you to create it for now. Stay tuned for more soon! I’m also working on two other comics as well and I’ll have updates on those titles soon as well. -L

Here’s my final colored piece for the blog Brand New Nostalgia. This week’s theme was “Space”, and since I have been planning a second children’s book that is based around Dinosaurs in Space, I thought that I may as well do a character design for the book. I’ll hopefully have more to share on this project soon. Stay tuned!


Here’s another group of three images for the series of stock illustrations I’ve been working on.

The final inking for a piece I am doing. The theme is “space” so I’ve decided to illustrate a brontosaurus in an astronaut’s uniform. This idea stems from a children’s book idea I’ve been developing for some time now and I thought this would be a good opportunity to start working on some character designs. Stay tuned; the final illustration will be full-color and posted here on Monday.


Another image from the book, “Mr. Ami’s Postal Service”; a children’s book I’m creating. This scene is early on in the story and depicts the very first package being sent at the early morning sunrise. It also gives the reader a broader view of the environment in which Mr. Ami works and lives. There are going to be a huge variety of environments and scenes to come so that the book keeps readers engrossed with the various colors and birds. Keep tuned!


So, I’ve been asked quite a few times about if I were going to make a children’s book, or would consider it; the answer is yes. I’ve actually been writing ideas for several children’s book stories, three of which I hope to develop into fully published products. The one I’ve decided to start with is “Mr. Ami’s Postal Service”, which was an idea that I had created back in my senior year of college. It was a dedication piece to my father since he had always dreamed of flying, but never got the chance to see it come true. The closest he ever got was commercial flights and roller-coasters. This story was made to help form a strong bond between parent(s) and child(ren). I had posted a few images before of this concept and a few initial pages (I do have the whole storyboard/manuscript done though) but since my style has changed, I’ve decided to take it from the top and make the strongest 40 page children’s book I can so I can proudly help children and keep adults’ imaginations alive. Enjoy this preview!


I recently joined the collective group called Brand New Nostalgia, which was created by my good friend Andrew McLean (we’ll be sharing a booth at the BostonComicCon and are both part of Out Of Step Artists). Every week we will be selecting a specific theme to inspire each of to create an illustration. This week was the amazing Miami Vice. Check it out here! http://brandnewnostalgia.tumblr.com/



I’ve been working with my friend Austin (http://hideousenergy.blogspot.com/) on a comic series that we are starting. It’s based in the near future and revolves around the interaction of humans with humanoid robots who live freely in the community; think Blade Runner but even more excepted. So far we have compiled a 16 page introductory story. Here are the first 3 pages of that collective for you to enjoy. Please spread them around, share them, and build the anticipation; we’d love to see it all develop fully and come to fruition. Thanks again for your support. -L

Early next year I will be in a gallery show based on the theme of The Wizard of Oz. At first I was tempted to draw flying monkeys, but in the end, who isn’t. Even James Jean drew flying monkeys for Fables a few years ago. Instead, I decided to design a character not yet depicted aside from interior illustrations within the original books; The Wicked Witch of the East. While we all know the story, appearance and conclusion to The Wicked Witch of the West (I should know, my mom was her for Halloween one year), we aren’t as familiar with the story and appearance of the East’s, besides she wore striped socks, oddly bright shoes and was found dead below Dorothy’s house. And what was it even, that distracted her long enough to allow for an entire house to crush her?

For this piece, I decided to answer a few questions of my own and raise a few new ones. I for one assume she was leaning down for some loose change because she was most likely greedy and attracted to small shiny objects (aren’t we all?). Also, I thought since she was the sister of The Wicked Witch of the West, she too would have green skin, if not a bit lighter. And maybe instead of a broom she just had a staff with a bell on it. Certainly her cloak is much more billowy and less dry cleaned, but who’s to say? These are just my thoughts.

The gallery will be from Feb. 8th - 17th / Reception is Feb. 15th :

301 Gallery BuildingĀ  (301 Cabot Street)

Beverly, MA 01915

Postcard I made for the holidays this season. It’s a design based on the concept of Christmas Squid; a character design I made years ago when I was first in college. I imagine the story to be very similar to Nightmare Before Christmas where the squid sees imagery of Santa and begins to replicate his actions as best he can, which involves raising the sea level and delivering garbage from the bottom of the ocean.

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