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For the past 6 months I’ve been hard at work on a book series called “The Cartoon Guidebook to Absolute Failure”. I’ve been unable to speak about it too in depth or reveal any details aside from a few preview shots I share occasionally on twitter. It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a release date schedule mapped out in full for the Cartoon Guidebook to Failure books! My writer and creative partner, Erik Craddock has all the details:

“Good news everybody! We finally have concrete sale dates for issues one and two, and both books will be on sale Wednesday, September 11th, exclusively on comixology.com!

Best of all, issue one will be free to download, and issue two will only cost 99 cents. You hear that? That’s sixty-four pages of pure literary awesomeness for your digital reader of choice for less than a dollar!

So now you have no excuse not to buy it (unless you really don’t want to, which would be really sad…)

As for the other books in the series, we’ll be releasing each issue on a monthly basis, and the first printed volume (with a super awesome cover on it) will coincide with the digital release of issue three in mid-October! So get ready to laugh hard and fail miserably, because our books are coming to your digital bookstore this fall!”

This is an excerpt from his personal site, where we now have all the dates posted and previews from each book :


All book overviews, including page previews:


The first two issues are now officially available on Comixology:


Hope you enjoy them!



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